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The best cities to learn German in Germany

From audacious cities and cutting-edge cultural events to stunning nature and medieval castles, Germany is equal parts historic and modern.

Whether you prefer the urban creativity of Berlin or the old Renaissance university town of Freiburg, there’s a unique language-learning experience waiting for you in Germany. Tour the country’s famous historical sites, explore its lush mountainous countryside and get swept away in a whirl of music and cultural events, all while you learn German or English.

Best cities to learn German - Berlin

Berlin 16+

An avant-garde capital city, alive with urban creativity and fascinating history

Summer camp in Germany - Berlin Wannsee

Berlin-Wannsee Summer camp

Where nature meets culture

Best cities to learn German - Freiburg

Freiburg 16+

The capital of the Black Forest in the sunniest city in Germany 

Best cities to learn German - Lahntal

Frankfurt-Lahntal Summer camp

The heart of the Lahn valley, one of Germany’s most beautiful regions

Summer camp in Germany - Freiburg

Freiburg Summer camp

A lively and picturesque town next door to the Black Forest  

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Alpadia Language Schools: Swiss quality education

Alpadia Language Schools by Kaplan International Languages offers year-round French, German and English courses in Switzerland, Germany and France for students 16+ and English, French and German language camps for juniors and teens in Europe and North America. Initially established in 1996, and now larger than ever, our mission is to encourage language development through immersion and to expand the horizons of our students. 

Why study German in Germany?

University partnerships

Take our University Pathway course to prepare for entry into top universities in Germany. Our German university partners (both public and private) offer bachelor’s degrees in Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Social Science, Healthcare and Music.

English book
Varied language programs

Study a language in Germany for as little as one week or as much as a year, starting at the level that’s right for you. Our language programs for international students include intensive courses, private lessons, work experience and volunteering opportunities, exam preparation courses and more.

Summer camps

Junior and teenage students aged 10-17 years can learn German or English at one of our summer camps in Berlin, Frankfurt or Freiburg, all set in beautiful locations with a wide range of activities for young students.

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