French Language Camps

We offer action-packed French language camps for juniors aged 8–17

Learn French abroad in France or Switzerland

Speaking French opens a world of opportunity! Immerse yourself in its much-loved culture and lifestyle, have a lot of fun with our all-inclusive activities, and enjoy our excellent teaching. Our French language camps will connect you with students from around the world for a lifetime friendship.  


French camps in France

Discover why French is the language of love, fashion, food, arts and politics. Enjoy a summer of adventures to boost your French skills.

Camp locations

kaplan english school in Switzerland

French camps in Switzerland

Everybody loves Switzerland. Its modern culture and stunning landscapes mean that there’s all types of outdoor activities to enjoy. Take part in our thrilling social program while you learn French at our language camp! 

Camp locations

Why choose our language camps

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Curriculum for juniors

Practice your speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills and learn new vocabulary, following a curriculum specifically designed for juniors. Students can choose additional private or intensive classes to make rapid progress.

Broaden Your Knowledge
Project-based learning

Our language courses include a special Project Language module to get students working together on their own creations, encouraging collaboration and project management. Projects include producing videos, writing comics, directing plays and more.

Accommodation & meals

We have strict safety and security policies in our young student residences and homestays. All meals are included, and we can cater for a range of dietary needs.

Excursions & activities

We organise a range of afternoon and evening activities, from multisports to cooking classes, as well as exciting excursions to nearby cities, museums and amusement parks, giving our students every opportunity to have fun, make new friends and develop their language skills.