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IELTS is the most popular English language qualification, particularly if you are hoping to work or study in the UK, Ireland, Australia or Canada. 

We'll teach you what to expect from the different IELTS exam sections, ways to make the most of your exam time and how to prepare for the types of questions you'll find in the exam. To ensure that you become familiar and comfortable with the exam, we’ll provide you with IELTS mock exams and practice tests. You'll also practice your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and improve your English grammar and vocabulary – all from the comfort of your own home! 

Our IELTS Preparation course allows you to focus fully on preparing for the IELTS exam, while our IELTS Supplementary course allows you to improve your general English skills while spending a smaller proportion of your study time preparing for the IELTS. 

Both courses are suitable for IELTS students taking either the Academic IELTS or the General IELTS exams, as well as for academic UKVI tests.  


  • Improve your English and gain an internationally recognized English language qualification without having to leave home 
  • Prepare for entry to a university in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or Canada 
  • Enhance your CV and improve your chances for future professional and academic success 
  • Apply for a work visa for a country which accepts an IELTS score as proof of language proficiency 
icon badge guaranteed progress
Guaranteed progress
Advance at least one level every 10 weeks
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Key facts
Course length
1-24 weeks
Lessons hours
45-minute lessons

All courses are Monday-Friday, with two time slots to choose from 

Minimum age
16 years old
Entry level
Class size
Average 8, maximum 15

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How many hours a week is this course?

IELTS Preparation

21 lessons /  

15 hours 

Two time slots to choose from:

10:00 to 13:30 (UTC +00:00) 

23:00 to 02:15 (UTC +00:00)

Highly focused lessons covering all sections of the IELTS exam and test-taking strategies 

English lessons

20 lessons / 

15 hours per week

Three time slots to choose from:

10:00 to 13:15 (UTC +00:00) 

13:30 to 16:45 (UTC +00:00) 

17:00 to 20:15 (UTC +00:00) 


Our English language classes cover all the key areas of language and will help you master difficult grammatical structures, fine-tune your pronunciation, read complex texts and build a large working vocabulary.

IELTS Specific Skills lessons

8 lessons / 

6 hours per week 

Three time slots to choose from, Monday-Thursday:

13:30 to 15:00 (UTC +00:00) 

17:00 to 18:30 (UTC +00:00) 

20:30 to 22:00 (UTC +00:00) 

Our IELTS exam preparation lessons cover all sections of the IELTS exam and useful test-taking strategies to help you achieve a high score. 

K+ Sessions

7 sessions / 

5.25 hours per week 

Our exclusive K+ Learning Space and K+ Extra materials help you reinforce progress made in class and provide instant feedback, while our teacher-led K+ Learning Clubs allow you to socialize and practice your language skills at the same time. 

Why choose a Kaplan English course?

Entrance Exam Assistance
K+ Learning Space

Get access to K+ Learning Space, our bespoke online learning platform where you can take part in extra activities to further develop your language skills outside of class.

English Pre-Arrival Test
Online English testing

You’ll take our adaptive online English test before you start your Kaplan Online English course. This will allow us to place you in the correct class suited to your ability.

Video meeting
Real-time interaction

Interact with your teacher and classmates using the secure Zoom platform. Ask questions and get to know your fellow students online.

Tailored Courses For Groups
Online social program

Practice your English and get to know your classmates with a teacher through fun online activities.

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How does Kaplan’s Online English School work?

The concept of Kaplan Online English is quite simple: you get in-school-quality tuition from the comfort of your own home! Once you’ve decided what online course you would like to join, you’ll take classes via Zoom and hosted through a learning management system (LMS), where you can enjoy a range of virtual language tasks with our accredited Kaplan teachers, as well as benefit from additional learning materials and interactive coursebooks. If at any point you would like to ask a question, or feel you need further clarification, you can interact with the teachers in real-time and receive live feedback, just like you would in a physical school. 

What are the online social activities?

In addition to your classes, you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in fun social activities online daily. Ranging from light-hearted quizzes to interactive games, these activities are entirely optional, however, they will allow you to further practice your English skills outside of lessons, as well as help you form connections with your classmates. 

Do you have any guarantees about my progress?

Depending on what course you choose, we do offer Guaranteed Progress! If you choose our Online IELTS Preparation course, we guarantee that you’ll advance at least 0.5 points every 10 weeks of study. We also guarantee that: 

  • If you study our Online IETLS Preparation course for 12 months you will progress a whole CEFR level, or we’ll give you 4 months free 
  • If you study our Online IETLS Preparation course for 6 months you will progress a whole CEFR level, or we’ll give you 2 months free 
  • If you study our Online IETLS Preparation course for 4 months you will progress a whole CEFR level, or we’ll give you 1.5 months free 

And of course, the harder you study and the more K+ resources you use, the more likely you are to improve! 

Do I need a high English level to study online?

The answer to this depends on what course you choose. Kaplan Online English 123 is open to students from Elementary to Advanced.  Unfortunately, these courses are not suitable for Beginners.  Proficiency students can benefit from these courses, however we recommend they take part in a trial first. 

However, our IELTS Preparation course requires you to be at an Intermediate level before joining to get the most out of the classes. 

Do I need to book a specific length of course?

Most of the courses range from 1-52 weeks, so you can choose how long you want to learn depending on your language goals.   

Our IELTS Preparation course, however, only runs from 1-24 weeks. 

Can I change the time I study after I’ve booked?

Of course! Our minimum booking is one week, but if you decide you would like to study for more weeks or less (providing it’s still more than one) our student advisors will be more than happy to help arrange that for you. 

If you have booked a time slot for one time and would like to change, for example, from the evening in your country to a time in the morning or afternoon, you will be able to move on a weekly basis subject to availability. 

What is the timetable like?

IELTS Exam Preparation 

Three time slots to choose from: 

01:00 to 04:30 (UTC +00:00) 

10:00 to 13:30 (UTC +00:00) 


IELTS Supplementary  

Three time slots to choose from: 

10:00 to 15:00 (UTC +00:00) 

13:30 to 18:30 (UTC +00:00) 

17:00 to 22:00 (UTC +00:00) 

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