Accommodation in Cambridge

Homestay family
Homestay (Single Room, 14 Meals/Week)

Ideal for students who want to discover local culture and learn about local customs with a friendly host family. Sharing meals with your hosts every day, you'll benefit from speaking English in a relaxed, natural environment.

Price from (per week):
GBP £200

All homestays are within 60 minutes of our schools

Student residences
Cambridge - Tripos Court
Tripos Court (Single)

A lively international atmosphere makes Tripos Court an ideal student residence option for anyone studying English in Cambridge. Rooms have private bathrooms and kitchen and dining areas are shared with other students, allowing you room to practise your English outside of class. The residence is opposite Cambridge Leisure Park, featuring a cinema, cafés, bars, a gym and bowling alley.

Frequent buses can take you to the city center and Kaplan’s school is only 15 minutes away by bike, one of the preferred modes of transport for Cambridge residents.

Price from (per week):
GBP £280
  • 2.57 km from Cambridge

*Please note that Homestay facilities will vary from location to location. The facilities listed above are the typical ones that a homestay family offers.

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