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Project based learning using Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies

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Activate your existing English grammar and vocabulary that you have built up in the classroom
Be given projects that encourage and allow you to apply your English language knowledge towards engaging tasks as part of a group
Create materials using skills and software packages that are used in the real world and present these to the rest of the school
Push past that tricky intermediate stage with confidence and mastery over the language and then apply your skills outside of the classroom

Projects using the Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies

Make a short film

Decide on a genre and then form a crew to write a script, cast, shoot and edit the film, all in English

Create a school newspaper

Interview teachers and fellow students before writing up your stories and editing them together into a complete paper

Produce a city guide

Learn more about your city and focus on producing information that a newcomer might need and compiling it into a handy guide

Record an episode of a podcast

Find a subject that you're all passionate about and record an episode of a podcast together in English

Build a food blog

Engage your inner foodie by researching and pulling together a range of articles about the cuisine of your choice

How Real English works

Alongside language development, the Real English curriculum is based around six core competencies that Cambridge English identifies as critical life skills. Each week you’ll begin a new project that helps develop a range of the six core competencies.

These are:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Learning to Learn
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Social Responsibilities

All of these core competencies are addressed and developed naturally through the group projects you will be set each week.

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