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An English-language training tailored to your group

With Kaplan, you can create the exact language-learning experience you want. Tell us your group’s goals, preferences and budget, and we’ll do the rest. We can provide anything from official exam preparation courses for medical professionals to fun language experiences abroad for school students.

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Bespoke Program

We'll create the exact program you want. We can provide language tuition related to any specific goal or industry, paired with the leisure activities that interest you the most.


Whether you have a small or a large budget, we can create an experience that works for you. Choose an elaborate social program, or something more basic - whichever is best for you.

Thriving Student Community
Leader goes free

For every 15 students in your group, you can bring a Group Leader for free. If you don't have a group leader, you can bring an additional student for free.

More students, Cheaper price

Our pricing tiers mean that tuition, social programs and add-ons will be cheaper the more students there are in your group.

Please contact our Group Program advisor to build your group

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5 easy steps to build your group program

It’s easy to book a custom-made group program with Kaplan. Follow our simple steps and we’ll build your ideal package.

Choose your group type
  • SCHOOL TRIP: You’re a teacher planning a school trip

  • LANGUAGE ACADEMY: You own a language academy and want to complement your student’s education with a trip abroad

  • EXAM CANDIDATES: You want to send a group of students abroad to prepare for an official language exam

  • SPONSORSHIP: You’re a government/sponsor looking for an education provider

  • COMPANY TRAINING: You want to send a group of employees abroad to develop their language skills

  • PRIVATE GROUP: You want to organize a tailored language-learning experience with friends, family or colleagues

Choose your course and accommodation
  • LANGUAGE TRAINING: Standard English, French or German language lessons at your group’s level

  • 16+ CUSTOMIZABLE COURSES: Language courses related to a particular goal or industry, such as medicine, law, history, or anything else you can think of

  • SUMMER CAMPS (8-18): Send a group of under 18s to one of our language summer camps – only available in summer and in certain destinations

  • HOMESTAY: Stay with a friendly local host family, carefully selected and vetted by us.

* Meals are included – enjoy eating with your host family and practicing your language skills

  • RESIDENCE: Staying in one of Kaplan’s own residences will allow us to provide you with a fully integrated experience.

* Not all destinations have U18 residences

  • OWN ACCOMMODATION: We can help you find an accommodation tailored with your needs as well.

Choose your dates
  • LOW SEASON: Study with us in the low season (September to May) and benefit from lower rates than in high season

  • HIGH SEASON: Study with us during the summer (June to August) – perfect for school or university students in the holidays

  • REGIONAL HOLIDAYS: Make the most of your time off – study with Kaplan over Easter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid, or another regional holiday

Choose you destination
  • USA & CANADA: We have 18 English schools in the USA & Canada. Our specialities here include English for the aviation industry, science & technology, business & finance, and law
  • UK & IRELAND: We have 11 English schools in the UK & Ireland. Our specialities here include Harry Potter English and English for 40+ students
  • AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: We have six English schools in Australia and New Zealand. Our specialities here include intensive English and English for the aviation industry
  • FRANCE: Alpadia’s French school in Lyon specializes in French history & culture, sports and gastronomy
  • GERMANY: Alpadia’s German schools in Berlin and Freiburg specialize in German history & culture, architecture & design, arts & music and sustainability
  • SWITZERLAND: Alpadia’s French school in Montreux specializes in hospitality & tourism, alpine & water sports and arts & culture
Choose your extras
  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS, PRIVATE TRANSPORT OR TRANSPORT PASSES: We’ll take care of the details. We can arrange convenient and cost-effective transport for the beginning, duration and end of your stay
  • SPECIALIST TEACHERS / SPORTS COACHES / UNIVERSITY LECTURES: We can employ field experts to teach your chosen subject – professional sports coaches, real NHS staff in the hospitals, working lawyers and more
  • SPECIAL VISITS: We can take you to special places related to your chosen subject – BMW factories, sports facilities, art museums and more
  • BRONZE SOCIAL PROGRAM PACKAGE: Enjoy activities such as shopping trips, museum tours, bowling and sports tournaments
  • SILVER SOCIAL PROGRAM PACKAGE: Enjoy activities such as escape rooms, river cruises, afternoon tea and trips to the zoo
  • GOLD SOCIAL PROGRAM PACKAGE: Enjoy activities such as theatre trips, theme park day, archery and paintballing

Please contact us to build your group program

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