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Explore the world as you learn with one of our bespoke Gap Year programs

What is a gap year?

A gap year abroad is a transformative experience where you take time off between life stages to travel, volunteer, work, or simply explore new cultures. It also offers you the time and space to properly learn a language by immersing yourself in a native-speaking country and interacting with locals. Constant practice not only fosters fluency and improves your confidence, but it also enables you to interact with locals, make new friends and have thrilling adventures! A gap year abroad with Kaplan is truly a unique opportunity that you can’t afford to miss! 

Choose the best destination for do your gap year program

Whether you want to spend your gap year relaxing by the beach, hiking up picturesque mountains or sipping cocktails in a bustling city, we have the perfect location for you. Choose from one of our worldwide schools below and begin your gap year journey. 

kaplan destination country united kingdom
United Kingdom

Gap Year programs in the UK available in cities across London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, and others

kaplan destination country canada

Gap Year programs in Canada available in schools across Toronto and Vancouver.

kaplan destination country usa
United States

Gap Year programs in the US available in cities across New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and others.

kaplan destination country ireland

Spend your Gap Year in Ireland at our school in Dublin.

kaplan english school in- rance

Study French at our Alpadia schools in Paris, Nice, Lyon, and Biarritz.

kaplan destination country germany

Study German at our Alpadia schools in Berlin, Freiburg, and Frankfurt.

kaplan english school in Switzerland

Study German or French at our Alpadia schools in Leysin, Montreux and Engelberg.

Why Choose a GAP Year with Kaplan?

A gap year is an exciting time in a person’s life where you usually spend a year or semester travelling the world and having wild adventures before pursuing further education / a career – but did you know that it’s possible to embark on a gap year that’s both fun and professionally beneficial? At Kaplan, our Gap Year programs allow you to completely immerse yourself in a different culture – all while learning a new language at one of our worldwide schools! 

Long Term Immersion
Make international connections

Embark on exciting adventures with new friends from across the globe and make lifelong memories and international connections while you learn together. 

International Connections
Explore the world

Immerse yourself in different cultures and discover some of the world’s best landmarks, scenery, and cuisine when you study at one of our worldwide locations. 

Broaden Your Knowledge
Gain valuable skills

With our expert teaching and top of the range facilities, you’ll develop priceless language skills that will enhance your CV and increase your chances of success. 


Embarking on a gap year program abroad is a life-changing decision that offers a range of benefits and opportunities for personal growth. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider taking a gap year abroad: 

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and expand your perspectives and understanding of the world
Language Acquisition: Develop fluency in the English language through immersive experiences and daily interactions with native speakers
Personal Development: Gain independence, resilience, and adaptability as you navigate unfamiliar environments and challenges
Career Enhancement: Stand out to employers by demonstrating global awareness, intercultural competence, and valuable life skills gained during your gap year
Exploration and Discovery: Discover new passions, interests, friends, and opportunities while exploring different countries and regions, fostering self-discovery and personal growth

Why take a gap year abroad with Kaplan?

Outstanding schools located in stunning destinations worldwide
80 years of excellence in education
80 Years of Excellence in Education
Broaden Your Knowledge
Bespoke K+ Learning System and Resources
Fun and extensive social programs

The benefits of embracing a gap year program

Embarking on a gap year program with Kaplan offers you a wide range of personal benefits that extend far beyond learning. It's a transformative journey that facilitates profound self-discovery, enabling you to expand your horizons, cultivate resilience, and foster independence. 

Through meeting new people and forging meaningful connections, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, and of the English language. These personal explorations not only ignite passion and curiosity but also equip you with invaluable life skills and confidence that will stay with you forever! 

Gap year programs

Boost your future career with a gap year program abroad

Enrolling in one of Kaplan’s different Gap Year programs presents an unparalleled opportunity to significantly boost your career prospects. By enhancing your English language proficiency, gaining cross-cultural competence and refining your critical thinking abilities, we're equipping you with invaluable skills and experiences that are highly sought after in today's global job market. 

Additionally, Kaplan's emphasis on practical, hands-on learning allows you to acquire real-world skills and experiences that directly translate into professional success, empowering you to excel in your chosen fields when you complete your gap year journey. 



Choose from a variety of programs and create your perfect gap year experience. Designed to suit all your language goals, our courses are made to ensure you get the most out of your trip. 

Kaplan Summer English Courses

Gap Year 

Choose between our General English, Intensive English, or Semi-Intensive English courses in schools across stunning locations in the UK, USA, Ireland, and Canada.


Gap Year + Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, CAM)

Receive specialist guidance while studying for the TOEFL, IELTS or CAM language certificates and achieve the best grade – and future – possible.

Students on a bridge in lyon

Gap Year + Multilingual (with Alpadia Language School)

Open even more doors when you learn French or German (or both!) with Alpadia Language Schools across France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Kaplan English School London - Photo Gallery 15

Gap Year + Work Readiness

Develop your professional skills and build international connections with our elective Business classes and exclusive networking events in addition to your English course.

Feeling inspired? Please contact one of our advisors to discuss all options.

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Frequently asked questions about doing a gap year program

What is the best way of planning a gap year abroad?

The best way to plan a gap year abroad is to start by setting clear goals and objectives. Research Kaplan’s wide variety of thrilling destinations and courses that best suit your needs. You might want to think about how long you want to dedicate to study, and how long you want to spend travelling – but remember, the longer you study, the more fluent your English will be. Talk to one of our advisors today and start planning your gap year adventure! 

Do I need a visa for doing a gap year abroad? 

Depending on which one of our destinations you choose to travel to, you may need a visa. It also depends on what country you are coming from. To find out what destination is best and if you need a visa, contact one of our advisors today! 

How many people will be in my language course with me?

We have over 20 schools in many fantastic destinations around the world, with some locations being larger than others. However, every class has on average 12 students, and a maximum of 15. This is so that teachers can keep track of each student's progress and so that you can benefit of practicing the language with different people. Private lessons are also available as an add-on. 

When it’s the best time to do a gap year program?

The best time to take a gap year depends entirely on your goals and needs. A gap year program does not necessarily have to last a ‘year’, it can last six months, eight, or nine. Most people take a gap year when they’re in between jobs and education. It’s a chance to have fun and enjoy some freedom before dedicating yourself to the next big stage of your life. 

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