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K+ LIVE, is our online learning curriculum and a blended learning suite that provides traditional classroom lessons, taught online, and combines them with Kaplan’s unique K+ packages of offline materials, online resources and study clubs. During this challenging time, Kaplan International would like to support Canadian colleges and universities. If your international students need extra support or if your institution needs an online ESL semester, we are here to help.

We can offer free trial courses for your institution as well.
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How K+ Live works

Our K+ Live classes are taught by our skilled teachers, for the same number of hours as our regular lessons. Students speak and write as they do in school, and teachers can respond and teach in real-time.

K+ Online

Students can continue to improve their language outside of class with interactive questions, videos and audio examples

Online English testing

Students will be able to monitor their language progress with regular English tests using our bespoke adaptive online test: KITE.

Real-time Interaction

Using the secure Zoom platform, students can collaborate with their classmates, write and draw on shared screens and break out into smaller groups as they would in person.

K+ course materials

Content from our K+ Course Books will available to all students.

K+ Learning Clubs

Teacher-led, practical sessions let students practice their English while learning skills such as university preparation, CV writing and conversation clubs.

Virtual Study Center

Our study centers will be open longer so students can “drop-in” for 1-to-1 advice, test preparation assistance, listening and writing exercises and help with any homework.

Online social program

Take part in social programs from our schools around the world including karaoke, cooking lessons, movie nights, quiz nights and more.

Attendance monitoring

Our teachers have an online register, and our student service managers will provide support if needed.

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If you would like to learn more about how we can support your university to tailor and offer an online ESL semester, please schedule an appointment. Someone will be in touch with you within two business days to finalize the schedule.

US K+ University partnerships

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