English Programs for Teens

Specially designed English courses for students aged 12+

English Programs for Teens

Our reputable English Programs for Teens welcome students aged 12+ to study English in a friendly, safe, and fun environment. The most popular course includes 15 hours of General English lessons per week and a full activity schedule. Our qualified and dedicated team of teachers deliver dynamic and interesting lessons aimed to improve students’ everyday English and essential language skills. With a busy program of fun and memorable activities planned and supervised by Kaplan staff, students will have the opportunity to make friends quickly and enjoy life outside of classroom. 

During their studies, students stay in either homestay or residence accommodation. Kaplan’s host families are carefully selected and checked so students can enjoy a friendly, comfortable, and safe living environment. In residence accommodation, fully vetted staff provide 24/7 on-site supervision. Living alongside their new friends, students can enjoy a truly international living environment.

Students benefit from:

  • Kaplan’s 25 years’ experience and expertise in delivering programs for teenagers
  • Attractive locations in the UK, USA, and Canada
  • A fun, engaging, and academically prosperous learning experience
  • An array of exciting activities
  • Safe, welcoming, and comfortable accommodation options
  • Professional and dedicated staff available 24/7 


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Academic program

At Kaplan, we provide a well-planned balance of learning in and out of the classroom, designed to improve our students’ English.

  • K+teens learning materials: Exclusive to our centers in the UK, K+teens is an  innovative and engaging range of learning materials designed by Kaplan specifically for teenagers studying in an English-speaking country. Learn more about the academic experience
  • Qualified, professional teachers
  • Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Placement test on arrival
  • Course attendance certificate issued at end of course



Activities and excursions

The activity program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore their city, discover new cultures, and build enduring friendships - creating memories they’ll never forget.  It is also designed as an important learning experience for the students so they can practice what they have learned in class.  For groups, the social programs can be tailored according to their specific requirements.

All events are fully supervised by Kaplan staff.  Typical activities and excursions include:

  • Day trips to exciting cities and sightseeing destinations
  • Sports – e.g. football, tennis, swimming 
  • Water sports and beach games
  • Shopping
  • BBQs & international food evenings
  • Bowling & discos

Accommodation and welfare

Kaplan prides itself in offering a high standard of education and accommodation in a safe and welcoming environment. Students benefit from:

  • Friendly and welcoming host families
  • Clean and comfortable residential facilities supervised by onsite Kaplan staff and located close to the center
  • Fully vetted staff and homestay providers
  • 24/7 staff availability
  • 24-hour emergency helpline available to students, parents and agents
  • Specific staff responsible for student safety and wellbeing
  • Appropriate staff to student ratios in classes, during activities, during free time, and at mealtimes


Our Teens Centers

Photos Why choose Activities Course type Dates
  • Located centrally in the heart of downtown Toronto
  • Enjoy trips to Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario
  • Study in one of the most diverse cities in the world
Daily activities from Monday to Friday, one full-day excursion, welcome and farewell get-togethers

Groups: Vacation, General or Intensive

Open to group bookings year round on request

  • Located in vibrant downtown Vancouver
  • Trips to Vancouver Island, Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium
Explore beautiful beaches and parks, go shopping downtown and visit art galleries and museums.

Individuals: Vacation English

Groups: Vacation, General or Intensive

Individuals: 08 July - 04 August 2018
Groups: year-round on request

United States
Photos Why choose Activities Course type Dates
  • A great location only 15 miles away from Los Angeles
  • Access to campus facilities including the library and pool
  • Trips to LA, Disneyland, and Universal Studios
Relax on the beach, visit theme parks, and go shopping in LA's trendiest hangouts. Take a tour round the city and play sports and games with our other students.

Groups: Vacation English

Summer: 16 June - 04 August 2018

  • Located in the exciting downtown area of San Diego
  • Access to campus facilities such as the library and pool
  • Trips to LA, Disneyland, and Universal Studios
A varied schedule of daily activities such as museum trips, beach visits, and kayaking. Explore San Diego's history and enjoy the sunshine.

Individuals: Vacation English

Groups: Vacation English

Summer: 24 June - 18 August 2018

United Kingdom
Photos Why choose Activities Course type Dates
  • Sea-view villa center exclusive to English Programs for Teens
  • Large outdoor terrace, garden, and games rooms
  • Trips to Plymouth, Exeter, and Cockington Village
Explore enormous coastal caves, take part in water sports like kayaking and water zorbing, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the 'English Riviera'.

Individuals: Vacation English

Groups: Vacation English

Summer: 10 June - 18 August 2018

  • The city of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Our school is located in a beautiful period town house
  • Trips to Stonehenge, London, Oxford, and more
Tour the famous Roman baths and walk around the ancient Bath Abbey. The city center is home to designer shops, and in the evenings there are discos, movie nights, and more.

Individuals: Vacation English

Groups: Vacation English

Summer: 10 June - 18 August 2018

Types of English Programs for Teens

  • Vacation English for Teens: 15 hours of English lessons per week and a full social program
  • General English for Teens: 20.25 hours of English lessons per week and a full social program (available in the US only)
  • Intensive English for Teens:
    UK: 21 hours of English lessons per week and a full social program
    US: 26.25 hours of English lessons per week and a full social program
  • English Plus: Bespoke programs combining English lessons with a specialized activity, such as horseback riding, football, or hockey
  • Low season packages for groups: A tailored academic and social program that suits your group's individual needs, available at most centers. Contact us to request your group program and for more information

We receive and accept occasional requests from groups to cater to students under the publicized minimum age set for a center.  In these cases, we carry out a risk assessment and implement extra safeguarding measures accordingly.

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