FAQs - Information for students under 18

Due to the recent pandemic, Kaplan International Languages offers online courses to students aged 16 and above and in junior groups to students aged 12 to 17. Safeguarding of children is paramount in these courses and is as relevant in the online world as it is in regular, face to face classes. With this in mind, the below is applicable to all online classes.

If you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact a student advisor for more information.

18 years and under

Do under 18s have their own activity schedule?

All schools have activities scheduled that are appropriate for students under 18.

Closed groups under the age of 16 also have their own dedicated programme and activities which they have to attend as part of their course.

Are there dedicated host families for under 18s?

All of the home stay options we offer for our younger students have been carefully chosen and are subject to regular visits and assessments to make sure they are suitable for students under 18.

All hosts are given training and guidance on how to deal with welfare related issues and make sure that they can provide the meet the responsibilities of the high duty of care to their guests.

Are under 18s supervised at all times?

Our younger students get as much supervision as possible and we have systems and procedures in place to ensure they are always safe.

  • Students aged 12-13 are accompanied on longer journeys to and from school and their activities
  • Travel to the school from a home stay for students aged 14 to 17 is independent, but remotely supervised
  • Host families alert the schools immediately if a student is not home by an arranged time/curfew
  • Closed groups of students under 16 have their own dedicated programme and activities and it is compulsory students attend these. At all other times they will be supervised by their Group Leader.
  • The school will follow up with a home stay if a student is 30 minutes late to their first lesson of the day.