Accommodation in Bath

Homestay: meal with the hosts
Homestay (Single Room, 14 meals p/w)

Ideal for students who want to discover local culture and customs with a friendly host, in a home environment. Sharing meals with your hosts every day, you'll benefit from speaking English in a relaxed, natural setting.

Our homestay options can vary depending on the school chosen. Options can include twin rooms, en-suite and private bathrooms. Speak to an advisor to find out more.

Price from (per week):
£185 GBP

All homestays are within 60 minutes of our schools

Student residences
Student Castle Bedroom
Student Castle (Studio)

Student Castle in Bath has studio rooms available, all of which boast spacious living spaces with en-suite bathrooms and functional, private kitchens. There are plenty of common areas including games rooms and an on-site gym that will let you socialise with both fellow international students and university student to help you improve your English outside of class. The residence even has a system for borrowing a bike to go and explore Bath or get to the school.

WiFi is included and available throughout the residence and there is 24-hour security and a concierge to help with any requests or queries you might have during your stay.

Price from (per week):
£355 GBP
  • 0.65 km from our Bath school

*Please note that Homestay facilities will vary from location to location. The facilities listed above are the typical ones that a homestay family offers.

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