University Placement Service

What is UPS?

Open the door to English and a globally recognized degree

Take advantage of our University Placement Service (UPS) at any Kaplan destination, and you will benefit from our extensive network of more than 250 college and university partners. We’ll help you find the perfect undergraduate, graduate or vocational program and assist you with your application.

Many of the world’s most prestigious universities are in English-speaking countries across the world; a degree from any of these institutions will demonstrate your ability to thrive in a new environment and will open doors to a promising career at home and abroad. 

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What are the benefits of UPS?

Applying to an institution of higher learning is stressful in any context, but can be especially complicated when applying to a university in a foreign country whose standards and customs you might not be familiar with. Kaplan’s University Placement Service eliminates a lot of the guesswork and makes the process a more relaxed, comfortable, and exciting process.

We can provide support as required throughout the entire application process including

  • Selecting the qualification and institution that best suits your needs  
  • Academic advice on an appropriate study plan to ensure you meet the English entry requirements for your selected program
  • Pre-arrival support on conditional offers and advice on package bookings*
  • Assistance booking any entrance exams if required*
  • Organising a campus visit where you can meet staff, explore the campus, and see the facilities
  • Tracking your application to provide you with a quicker decision*
  • Issuing the documents you require to extend your student visa*
  • Assistance choosing your next accommodation
  • Direct entry upon completion of Kaplan level*

*These services are only available in select destinations. Ask your Kaplan representative for further information on the range of options available to you in your desired destination

Who can take advantage of UPS?

Students who study more than 8 weeks are eligible for UPS, and all students studying more than 16 weeks receive the service free of charge.* In the United Kingdom and Ireland the service is free for all students studying on any length of course.

*A service fee may apply in selected destinations on bookings under 16 weeks.

Kaplan Pathway Programs

Globally Kaplan also offers an extensive range of pathway programs that prepare students with the academic skills and English language ability needed to progress to further studies. These options include university preparation and foundation programs as well as alternative entry options to bring you closer to your academic and career goals.

Take a look at our Pathway programs available in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA.