FAQs - Health and safety

How is Health and Safety Policy implemented?

Particular implementation tasks include:

Issuing a local safety statement; setting out the detail of how this policy is to be applied to all employees and all other visitors to Kaplan locations.

Allocation of sufficient resources to operate and maintain safe and healthy places of work.

Provision of protective equipment and clothing, as required for particular work areas and activities, and ensuring its proper use.

Ensuring adequate information is clearly displayed on specific hazards applicable to each site. Each site is to have a health and safety folder easily available.

Promotion of effective participation by all employees in joint consultation on health and safety matters.

Provision of adequate fire protection, first aid equipment and health monitoring procedures at all sites.

Actively encourage and take account of feedback on health, safety and environmental issues at the appropriate forums to review and continually improve current policy and procedures.

Last updated: 
08 January 2016
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