FAQs - Health and safety

Who is responsible for handling emergency procedures?

The center manager is responsible for ensuring the fire risk assessment is current, in date and implemented.

The center manager should ensure escape routes are checked, potentially by the health and safety representative, to ensure they are clear of obstruction; doors for their operation; and have the correct clear signage. This should be done routinely no less than monthly.

The center manager is to ensure there is a process in place for the maintenance of all the tenant owned fire extinguishers, these should be checked annually by a service engineer. In addition a responsible person should carry out a visual check on all equipment at least once per month. The visual check with ensure the equipment is serviceable, available for use and unobstructed. Promptly reporting any suspected defects or malicious discharges for immediate attention.

Alarms are to be tested weekly, in multi tenanted buildings this should be carried out by the landlords agents, notification of such tests should be clearly displayed at a prominent point for all students and staff to see, and should take place on a consistent day and time.

Emergency evacuation is to be tested every 6 months; only key personnel should be informed of the practice details. A de brief post evacuation should take place with all fire marshals and key personnel to understand any difficulties experienced and to improve the understanding of the responsibilities by those nominated as marshals.

This statement of general policy on health and safety at work and of the organization and arrangements for carrying out The Policy is made under Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. It is to be brought to the notice of all employees of Kaplan and is to be included in the Employee Handbook.

Last updated: 
02 November 2015
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