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What is a University Pathway Program?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to move abroad and study in one of Europe’s most diverse and exciting countries? With our German Pathway program, you can turn those dreams into a reality. 

We can help you gain entry on bachelor’s or master’s degrees at universities across Germany. You’ll have our full support along the way with everything from admissions, visas, improving your German language skills, accommodation, and settling into your new life.  

Due to its thriving and stable economy, studying and working in Germany can open many doors professionally for students across the world. Couple this with the fact that Germany offers free-of-charge education at public universities and low-cost education at private universities, and you can see why it’s an attractive opportunity for international students. 

Studying and immersing yourself in German culture will also put you in good stead when applying for jobs after graduation, which has never been easier thanks to the country’s 18-month job-seeker visa. 

Take your first steps to success at a university abroad and achieve the career of your dreams with Pathways. 

Outstanding Academic Results
9K+ degree options

Find your perfect degree at bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate level 

420+ higher education institutes

Study at your dream university in Germany 

2 exciting locations

With preparatory German language programs based in bustling Berlin and vibrant Freiburg 

1 life-changing experience

Follow your path to a great degree and career 

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Your Path to University

With the German University Pathway program, we can help map out your personalised path to a life-changing university education and the career of your dreams – here’s how! 

Apply to the University Pathway program with your existing qualifications for a free academic evaluation
We’ll provide you with a personalised study plan and help arrange your arrival in Germany
Take your University Pathway program at one of our two schools in Berlin or Freiburg
Start studying at a German university or Studienkolleg (foundation course before university)

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What Pathways Can Offer You

Kaplan Pathways preparation

A program designed for you

Our University Pathway program is created specifically for international students like you and are taught by dedicated and specialist teachers. We help you to improve your German language skills and subject knowledge, so you can achieve success at university and beyond. 

Kaplan Pathways help to decide

Support at every step

We’ll be by your side every step of the way. You can rely on our helpful program for academic support and help integrating into German society - including pre-arrival advice, airport transfers, tailored social activities and dedicated academic and wellbeing care throughout your journey. 

University Pathways Program

Open doors to a fantastic future

A university degree abroad is an incredible investment in your future life and career. Your international qualification and global experience can be hugely attractive to employers and can help you achieve your professional dreams. 

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Read our FAQs to find out more about how our University Pathway program works. If your question is not answered here, please contact a Pathways advisor. 

What academic qualifications do I need to apply directly to a university in Germany?

You will need an upper secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the German Abitur and possibly an entrance exam. You will also need a C1 level of German proficiency for a bachelor's program, and a recognised bachelor's degree with above-average grades for entry to a master's program. 

What are the language requirements to enrol at a German university?

Usually, you will need a German language proficiency of C1 level. During our Pathway program, we'll prepare you for the official German language tests before you enter university in Germany. Furthermore, we offer official German language tests such as telc or TestDaF on campus to facilitate your progression towards your university studies.  

Do I need to attend a Studienkolleg?

Our University Pathway program will provide you with a free-of-charge evaluation of your academic background. If your diploma or academic qualifications is not fully accepted as equal to the German equivalent (usually the German Abitur), you will need to attend a Studienkolleg before entering university. Studienkollegs offer a preparation program covering a variety of subjects, taught in German. The program concludes with a final exam called Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) – you will need to pass this to apply directly to any German university. 

What are the academic requirements for entering a Studienkolleg?

Depending on your chosen subject and country of origin, you might need German proficiency of at least a B2 level to enter a public or private Studienkolleg. You will also usually need to take an entry test – there are numerous Studienkollegs in Germany, and several entry tests can be taken at different Studienkollegs. We will help you with selecting the right Studienkolleg for your needs and arranging the entry tests. You will be able to take preparatory courses at Alpadia to make sure you pass the competitive entry tests of your preferred Studienkollegs. 

Do I need a visa to study in Germany?

EU applicants do not need a visa for the Academic Pathway Program. 

Non-EU applicants: A study-applicant-visa will allow you to improve your German at our schools in Berlin or Freiburg while you learn about the study options available to you in Germany. Once you've fulfilled the language requirements, you will be able to get a student visa without the need to go back to your home country. 

Do I need to open a blocked bank account?

Non-EU applicants must provide proof of adequate financial resources before moving to Germany.

To do this, you will have to open a blocked bank account during your visa application, which will serve as proof of funds. Once money is deposited, you cannot withdraw funds until you arrive in Germany (which is why it is called a ‘blocked’ account), and it is worth noting that there will be a monthly limit to how much you can withdraw.

Our Pathways team will help with your visa application and answer any questions you have on opening a blocked bank account.

Can I work in Germany as a student?

EU applicants have full working rights in Germany. 

Non-EU applicants: During the preparatory phase it is not possible to work as a student or at best it might be possible to work during the winter and summer holidays. However, once you enter university, it is possible to work part-time as a student in Germany.  

Do I have to leave Germany upon finishing my university studies?

EU applicants can reside in Germany with no restrictions. 

Non-EU applicants: Upon successfully finishing your degree of choice at a recognized German university, you can receive an 18-months-long visa to look for a job in your field of expertise. During this period, you have the right to do unspecialized student jobs. Once you receive a job contract in your field of expertise you can switch from a student visa to a job visa without having to go back to your home country.  

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