VISA - UK visa

Is there anything else I need to do once I get my visa?

If you have applied for a visa (outside of the UK) for a course of 6 months or more instead of receiving a visa for the duration of your course, you will receive a temporary visa that is valid for 30 days. This will only allow you to enter the UK, you will then have to collect your visa for your course. 

The visa you will collect will be a Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) and is a separate card, (referred to as a Biometric Immigration Document or BID). You must collect your BRP within ten days of arrival in the UK.

When you apply for your visa on-line you need to put your address as the College address – this means that your BRP will be available for you to collect from a local Post Office and Kaplan staff will help arrange for you to collect this with-in the time period. You will also have received a letter with your temporary 30 day visa that you must bring with you to the UK as you will need to show this when collecting your BRP.

All student visas issued are monitored by UK VI. Kaplan therefore has a duty to check the following documents and contact details of all students attending a Kaplan International Languages school:

  • Passport - please bring to school on your first day - each student’s passport photo page and UK visa details will be photocopied and stored in your student file.
  • You must provide full contact details (full address and a telephone/mobile number) to school staff on the first day, even if you have made your own accommodation arrangements. We also require contact details of a next of kin.
  • If you arrived on a student visa you must bring the original evidence you provided to obtain your visa.

The school will check your attendance in class daily. Kaplan International Languages expects you to attend all you classes.

You must inform the school in advance of any planned absence such as an official appointment or family commitment. In these cases, you must present documentary evidence like an appointment card, official letter to request absence (etc.) to the school staff. In the event of an unexpected illness, you are required to telephone the school on the morning of your illness. If the illness persists, you should seek medical advice and arrange for a doctor’s note.

Last updated: 
05 May 2021
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