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English courses in Portland

Take an English course in Portland, a trendy, cosmopolitan city located high up on the west coast of the America. It is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, surrounded by beautiful mountains, dense forests, and even a ski resort. Portland also possesses a bustling live music scene, with all the exciting clubs and bars that you’d expect of such a sociable city.

  • Our English school in Portland is located in the center of the city near the downtown area
  • Portland city has a population of about 600,000 people, and almost three million live in the surrounding metropolitan area
  • Accommodation is available in the form of homestays and a student residence
  • You can get around Portland easily by bus, train, and street car
  • Students should arrive at Portland International Airport




Adult English schools in Portland

Schools Best for Location type Nationality mix
Portland Best for a trendy location with a great music scene and beautiful surrounding landscape Large City 40 nationalities attended this school last year
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Things to Do and See

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Shop for vintage and designer clothing at a variety of well-known shopping areas

Outdoor Activities

Take a trip to the Oregon coast and see the Pacific Ocean


Hike in Forest Park, the biggest urban park in the US

Arts & Theatre

Watch countless live bands at venues across the city or catch a film at one of Portland’s famed movie brewpubs

Food & Drink

Go beer tasting at one of many top-quality microbreweries


Ski Mount Hood, which has the longest ski season in the US


Catch a live band playing late and take advantage of one of the best bar scenes in the US


Discover the city's history at a range of museums and landmarks

Accommodation in Portland

Student residences are specially selected apartments, hostels, and dorms that provide a fantastic living experience. Enjoy a more independent lifestyle and the social aspects of living with new friends.
  • Live with fellow students for more independence
  • Most residences are self-catering
  • Socialize and have fun with your new friends
  • Single, twin, double, and dorm rooms are available at various locations
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Ideal for students who want to learn about and immerse themselves in U.S. culture. Sharing meals with your hosts every day, you'll benefit from speaking English in relaxed, natural situations.
  • Live with a local family specially chosen by us
  • Enjoy breakfasts and dinners with the family
  • Practice English daily in an informal situation
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
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