French Summer Camp in Montreux-Riviera

Learn French at our Montreux-Riviera summer camp

If you are searching for a perfect blend of outdoor recreation and cultural activities, then the Lake Geneva region of Montreux offers a great range of options. Based in one of Switzerland's most stunning areas, our French summer camp in Montreux provides students the unique opportunity of immersing themselves in French. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity and discover the serene beauty of the region's picturesque mountains and tranquil waters. 

Age range:
13-17 years old
Opening dates:
Summer 30 June – 03 August 2024

Benefits of a summer camp in Montreux-Riviera:

  • French immersion summer camp in Montreux located near the main train station and just steps away from the promenades of Lake Geneva 
  • Our summer camp in Switzerland offers the ultimate immersion experience with students staying in a local French-speaking homestay 
  • Learn at our modern course center with excellent facilities including spacious classrooms and WiFi throughout 
  • Enjoy a varied social program featuring world-famous cultural events, outdoor leisure activities and exciting trips to local attractions including the Caillers Chocolate factory, Gruyères village, Vevey and Lausanne 
What's included
French courses & learning materials
Activities & excursions
24/7 supervision
Optional extras
Private lessons
Exclusive activities
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School Location

Camp information

About our summer camp in Montreux-Riviera

Camp facilities

Outdoor space
Vending machines
vending machine

About the course

Please note this camp is operated by Alpadia Language Schools

Please refer to their Terms & Conditions

Choose your course package  

  • Standard 20 (20 lessons, 15 hours per week)  
  • Intensive 25 (25 lessons, 18.45 hours per week) 

Lesson length  

45 minutes  

The lessons and course structure  

Our French language summer camps follow a specifically designed curriculum for younger learners to help keep them engaged and inspired. 

  • Speaking and listening skills  
  • Reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar  
  • Collaborative projects encouraging creativity, time management and leadership skills 

Entry levels  

All levels from beginner to advanced  

Maximum class size  

15 students  



Meal plan  

All meals are included in the package, and we can cater for a range of dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan and no pork  

Activities and excursions

  • Afternoon and evening activities at the school or in the local area
  • Excursions to nearby landmarks and tourist attractions

Materials and services included

  • 24-hour supervision
  • Welcome pack
  • Assessment tests
  • Course materials and Alpadia folder
  • Student ID
  • Pocket money service
  • Safe storage of students' passports
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Access to the Alpadia Student Portal
Accreditation & memberships

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Students Accommodation

Student accommodation in Montreux-Riviera

Our summer camp in Montreux-Riviera provides host family accommodation including twin bedrooms, which allows students to experience the local life by staying with a French-speaking family who can help them progress with their language skills. They’ll eat breakfast with the family in the morning and then make their way to class either by public transport or on foot. 


Montreux-Riviera summer camp

Students will spend their days at our camp where they will take part in engaging lessons and have lunch. In the afternoon they will take part in activities or excursions, which may include leaving the site. In the evening, they will return to their host family dinner (host families also provide breakfast). 

Daily camp schedule
Breakfast meal


Hands-on Experience


Lunch meal


Sports field

Activities or excursions 

Dinner meal



Evening activities

Find a place you can call home

Lights out

Activities & Excursions

Our summer camp in Montreux offers an exciting social program that includes a variety of fun sports, cultural excursions to local attractions/landmarks, creative activities and more. With mountains and lakes nearby, you can be sure that our students spend a lot of time outdoors having great adventures with the new friends they’ve made. 

This is a sample schedule. 

Premium activities

When you spend a little more, you get more. Upgrade your experience with a Premium Plus activity to step up your summer camp program. 


Exclusive Tours

per week

Exclusive Tours allows students to discover the very best attractions in the local area. Students get to immerse themselves in each city's most famous sites and experiences. 



per week

Hold on tight - your adventure begins here! Go laser shooting, to an escape room, or to the Adventure Park. 



per week

Take advantage of Switzerland's largest lake and get wet either waterskiing, stand-up paddle boarding or sailing in a 1-2 person boats. 

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Why should you attend a French summer camp in Montreux-Riviera?

There are many benefits of a summer camp for youths: Alpadia's French language camp gives students the chance to fully immerse themselves in their chosen language, fostering an environment that encourages fluency. The different social activities on offer enables students to practice their language skills outside of class in a real-life setting, as well as form friendships with other students at the camp and take part in memorable trips. 

What are the benefits of a language summer camp for youths in Montreux-Riviera?

With 80 years of experience in education, Kaplan is an expert at helping students achieve their language goals. Our dedicated teachers and staff do their best to ensure all students get the most out of their experience.

Why should you choose Alpadia for attending a French summer camp in Montreux-Riviera?

When you study at our summer camp in Montreux-Riviera, you’ll learn a range of French skills, from grammar to vocabulary and writing to listening and speaking. These topics are taught using collaborative projects that encourage creativity, time management and leadership skills. 

What is the language proficiency level required to attend a French language camp?

Our French language camps are open to students of all abilities – from elementary to advanced. No matter what your level of French is, our French summer camp in Montreux-Rivera can help your language skills advance. 

How long does it take to learn French in a summer camp immersion?

How long it takes for students to learn French at our immersive summer camp in Montreux depends entirely on several factors: this includes the student’s language level to start with and how long they stay. But with our immersive learning approach alongside exposure to host families, your child’s fluency levels will improve. 


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